Nelson is named after Admiral Horatio Nelson and is located on the shores of Tasman Bay and the north end of South Island is where Nelson lies. It is a perfect place for beach lovers as it has wonderful sun throughout the year. Boulder Bank shelters the harbour that welcomed the first settlers to the entrance. The delightful Mediterranean climate is contributed by the surrounding mountain range.

Nelson property finance for people living in the UK

Nelson Property Finance For People In Ireland

If you are an art lover, it’s good to know that Nelson is the annual host to the Montana New Zealand Wearable Arts Awards. Visiting there would allow you to see unique works of arts. Saturday Nelson Market is a place you can enjoy in the work of other local artists. To make it possible, we can help you by providing financing for expats or Irish citizens buying property in Nelson. There is a festival for every art form you can think of. Have fun and at the same time invest by letting us supply the financing for property in Nelson if you live in Ireland.

Tourist Spots And Activities
If you have a property in Nelson, you will have a great vacation property that is like a relaxing haven. The beech forests, national parks and lakes of sparkling waters will help you achieve that. Time is lost within the second largest national park of Kahurangi. Contained in these parks you’ll relax among the lush vegetation while kayaking, rafting, or riding bike and horses.

You can also try their best wines by taking a visit to micro breweries wineries and enjoy art at the large communities of artists. Live a healthy life by having an endless supply of fruits and vegetable that are locally grown, and the fresh seafood. Appreciate the past by looking at the historical scenery on the streets and waterfront restaurants. You have to visit the Goldsmith the designer of the “Lord of the Rings’, ‘The One Ring’.

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