Getting a NZ Mortgage

The following are the procedures we recommend you follow step by step if you would like to invest in New Zealand. Don’t worry, they are very simple! We recommend that your first step be to contact Mary to discuss your personal situation and investment in New Zealand.

  • Take a good look around our website. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with our company.
  • Contact Mary, who can give you information about market, rental, sales and statistics in all parts of New Zealand. Please be aware that Mary is not a Financial Advisor so she cannot advise you, but can steer you in the right location and refer you to qualified NZ Accountants, Solicitors and other people connected in property.
  • Choose 1 or more locations from our website and then inquire by phone for more information.
  • Obtain a pre-approval from New Zealand Mortgage Solutions Australia. Then we will discuss your options and let you choose from a selection of 13 New Zealand banks/financial institutions.
  • Speak to your accountant and a New Zealand qualified accountant before you purchase. Choose an accountant that can advise you on the tax relationship and advantages of investing in New Zealand. Not sure who to go to? New Zealand Mortgage Solutions can give you a selection of good accountants based on clients’ experience. We also encourage you to obtain independent legal and financial advice before making a purchase or entering into any loan contracts as withholding tax and other taxes may apply to cross-boarder borrowing.
  • Ask the experts! Once you obtain pre-approval, contact real estate agents who are experts in the area that you are interested in.
  • See it for yourself! When you are ready with a selection of properties fly to New Zealand to inspect them in person.
  • Inspect properties as well as familiarize yourself with the general areas that your are interested in.
  • If you find a property that meets your standards, immediately email a real estate agent’s rental assessment to New Zealand Mortgage Solutions Sydney.
  • Within 12 to 24 hours (on average) Mary will obtain a conditional approval from the bank of your per-approval.
  • Talk to a NZ solicitor to obtain advice on Agreement for Sale & Purchase.
  • After 5 days (on average) the Agreement for Sale & Purchase becomes unconditional as long as both you and the solicitor agree to the terms.
  • Settlement usually occurs 4 weeks from date of Agreement for Sale & Purchase
  • Settlement Rental Manager will work to find a tenant for your property.
  • New Zealand Mortgage Solutions Sydney will continue to assist you on a permanent basis by reviewing your fixed term interest rates, helping you strive to invest in future properties, and will always be there to assist you with any other questions or concerns.

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