Dunedin is the second largest city that lies on the Eastern coast of the South Island and was founded 150 years ago by whalers and goldminers. This city has a rich culture that is still preserved in modern days.

Dunedin property finance for people living in the UK

Dunedin Property Finance For People In Ireland

Dunedin is a haven for wildlife and nature loving people. Investing for a property Dunedin is always a good idea, while enjoying the sight of wild albatross and sea lions all within driving distance from the centre of the city.

Tourist Spots And Activities

You’ll have fun in the Larnach Castle, or on the streets of the steepest residential area in the world, Baldwin Street. There are a lot of new things that you can see and try in this city. If you want to live in this beautiful city, contact us to find out how.

The first University in New Zealand was established here, a good place for education and learning opportunities. The city has many museums and cultural centres that have many stories to be told. Prepare to be fascinated.

Just walking around the city centre you will see nice sights, lesser sound pollution and smells that will make you calm and relaxed. A place to dine is not a problem as there are many cafes and restaurants for you to choose from with a wide variety of cuisine.

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