Advantages Of New Zealand

” The Land Of The Long White Cloud “

Is Close To The Most Beautiful Country In The World

Advantages Of New Zealand

New Zealand is not just beautiful country but a great place to bring up a family, with a high standard of living, fantastic education, employment, and a “proud” international sporting history.

It is also a peaceful and friendly environment to live or invest in

  • Beautiful country (one of most beautiful countries in the world).
  • Great first home owner or first investment property purchases
  • Owner Occupied houses for new immigrants or company transfers to New Zealand
  • Retreat seaside, lakeside, alpine and lifestyle investment for future retirement/holiday property investment.
  • Extremely good international property prices for “Scenic Locations”.
  • Many locations with positive cashflow, enabling the tenants to pay for mortgage repayments (depending on the mortgage balance).
    Good rental demand in most cities or large towns.
  • Deposit for owner occupied properties 10% to 20% and for investment properties 35%, brand new house and land 30% deposit for nonresidents and 10% to 20% for owner occupiers. Mary will try to obtain for you 65% to 80% finance from a New Zealand banks/financial institutions who we will both choose together.
  • No Stamp Duty ($0), Low Legal and Registration Fees (approx NZ$1,000 to $1,500), Favourable Exchange Rates For Deposit.
    No Land Tax.
  • Population Growth.
  • Low competitive airfares to New Zealand.
  • Economically compared to the rest of the world, New Zealand is an improving economy.
  • Please Note: a new law from the New Zealand Government for nonresidents. Only Australian citizens, Singaporean Citizens and New Zealand citizens plus Permanent Residents can purchase existing property in New Zealand.
  • Nonresidents may look at purchasing brand new house and land. Refer to Governent website

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Queenstown once prospered from mining gold, but now it stands as a major centre of snow packed fun. Cardrona Alpine Resort, Coronet Peak, The Remarkables and Treble Cone are the four major world famous Alpine mountain resorts in this city, so fun and enjoyment during winter is an activity you will truly enjoy.

Queenstown property finance for people living in the UK

Queenstown Property Finance For People In Ireland

Buying property in Queenstown will allow you to witness wonderful scenery on the inlet of the majestic waters of Lake Wakatipu. If you want to experience the four seasons and temperatures, Queenstown is the right place for you.

Tourist Spots And Activities
If you’re not a fan of skiing, you can try golf and play a relaxing round of 18 holes. If you want something more exhilarating, there is jet boating and bungee jumping. A lot of extreme adventures will help you have a joyful life.

On this glacier made lake life is paradise, giving you am awesome experience, escapades for the adventurous and serenity for the peace of mind. Enjoy your stay by a glacier gorging its way south east forming what is now Lake Wakatipu.

You can visit the Skippers Canyon by biking. After that, treat yourself to delicious food. Then end your evening on the beach sipping award winning Pinot Noir wine from one of the many wineries while letting the picture perfect sun sets inspire the romantic side of yourself. It is a romantic getaway you and your partner will enjoy.

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Nelson is named after Admiral Horatio Nelson and is located on the shores of Tasman Bay and the north end of South Island is where Nelson lies. It is a perfect place for beach lovers as it has wonderful sun throughout the year. Boulder Bank shelters the harbour that welcomed the first settlers to the entrance. The delightful Mediterranean climate is contributed by the surrounding mountain range.

Nelson property finance for people living in the UK

Nelson Property Finance For People In Ireland

If you are an art lover, it’s good to know that Nelson is the annual host to the Montana New Zealand Wearable Arts Awards. Visiting there would allow you to see unique works of arts. Saturday Nelson Market is a place you can enjoy in the work of other local artists. To make it possible, we can help you by providing financing for expats or Irish citizens buying property in Nelson. There is a festival for every art form you can think of. Have fun and at the same time invest by letting us supply the financing for property in Nelson if you live in Ireland.

Tourist Spots And Activities
If you have a property in Nelson, you will have a great vacation property that is like a relaxing haven. The beech forests, national parks and lakes of sparkling waters will help you achieve that. Time is lost within the second largest national park of Kahurangi. Contained in these parks you’ll relax among the lush vegetation while kayaking, rafting, or riding bike and horses.

You can also try their best wines by taking a visit to micro breweries wineries and enjoy art at the large communities of artists. Live a healthy life by having an endless supply of fruits and vegetable that are locally grown, and the fresh seafood. Appreciate the past by looking at the historical scenery on the streets and waterfront restaurants. You have to visit the Goldsmith the designer of the “Lord of the Rings’, ‘The One Ring’.

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Taupo is a sensational city that rests on New Zealand’s largest coastline. Flourished thousands of years ago by the eruption of a volcano, Lake Taupo has such clean waters concealed in its depths are numerous amounts of trout.

Taupo property finance for people living in the UK

Taupo Property Finance For People In Ireland

This is a great place to have a property and we can supply financing of property in Taupo giving your piece of film history. Having a property here is a good investment for your money as it offers a place for relaxation and long term wealth. As a water haven Taupo give birth to year round water events of thrilling parasailing, tranquil fishing, relaxing cruises, and water skiing. Not to mention the kayaking and canoeing.

Tourist Spots And Activities
The luscious greeneries are as dramatic as you can imagine due to the lava rich earth, this forms the most astounding countryside. The Huka Falls is one of the most famous tourist attractions in New Zealand. It is one of the greatest places that Irish people will truly enjoy.

You’ll enjoy many activities in this place such as white water rafting, and unique forest parks. Pamper yourself with a visit to the moon, ‘Craters of the moon’ that is. Bathe in the hot springs and mud pools that are located on the northern part. Don’t forget the ‘Valley of Geysers’ and witness the wonderful water spots. In addition, Matahi Whatataka-Brightwell, a master carved, placed his first rock carving here on a cliff face. The Ngatoroirangi’s grand presences can be viewed by travelling to Mine Bay, Lake Taupo’s southern most ends.

If you have watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you’ll see the actual location of the winter ski middle-earths ‘Mount Doom’. What could give more of a shot of adrenaline the skiing down and active volcano?

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Dunedin is the second largest city that lies on the Eastern coast of the South Island and was founded 150 years ago by whalers and goldminers. This city has a rich culture that is still preserved in modern days.

Dunedin property finance for people living in the UK

Dunedin Property Finance For People In Ireland

Dunedin is a haven for wildlife and nature loving people. Investing for a property Dunedin is always a good idea, while enjoying the sight of wild albatross and sea lions all within driving distance from the centre of the city.

Tourist Spots And Activities

You’ll have fun in the Larnach Castle, or on the streets of the steepest residential area in the world, Baldwin Street. There are a lot of new things that you can see and try in this city. If you want to live in this beautiful city, contact us to find out how.

The first University in New Zealand was established here, a good place for education and learning opportunities. The city has many museums and cultural centres that have many stories to be told. Prepare to be fascinated.

Just walking around the city centre you will see nice sights, lesser sound pollution and smells that will make you calm and relaxed. A place to dine is not a problem as there are many cafes and restaurants for you to choose from with a wide variety of cuisine.

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Christchurch is situated in the east coast of South Island inside Pegasus Bay and is considered as the oldest established city in New Zealand.

Christchurch Property Finance – What you need to know since the earthquake

After the tragic earthquake in 2012 and 2011, the values of properties in the Christchurch area have changed dramatically.

To purchase a property in Christchurch the first step is to ensure that the Vendor can get the house insurance transferred from him to the new owner as “Replacement Insurance”. No replacement insurance = no mortgage. Mary has helped people settle mortgages in 2011 since the earthquake and assisted residents affected by the earthquake.

Tourist Spots And Activities
The city is very close to the Southern Alps where you can ski at some of the best slopes in the Southern Hemisphere. The city is known for its many parks like the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, Hagley Park and the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, a centre of many local wildlife conservation and rehabilitation efforts for rare and endangered New Zealand species. If you want a family vacation, you can try Hagley Park, where the kids can play or the adults can listen to some of the open air concerts frequently held there.

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Wellington pride itself for its fascinating old and style of architecture. This is a great haven for all architects. You can check their famous old St. Paul’s Cathedral, one of the largest structures designed of wood in the southern hemisphere in a Gothic style. The city has a population of around 370,000 citizens and the capital of New Zealand.

Wellington property finance for people living in the UK

Wellington Property Finance For People In Ireland

You’ll never go wrong if you let us supply the financing of your property in Wellington. This city is New Zealand’s cradle of art and culture. To enjoy the night, you’ll have endless choices of seaside cafés, restaurants, performing art and other entertainment. Keep the night alive with grand cuisine, a ballet or a theatre showing.

Tourist Spots And Activities
Arts and culture of New Zealand is not the only thing Wellington can offer. It is also a heaven offering forests, skiing, and water sports. Set in the coast, gently nestled at Mount Victoria this city will forever be radiant. Each of the four quarters that create this city has their own dynamic attributes by way of the shops and the inhabitants themselves.

This is the famous author, Katherine Mansfield’s birthplace and childhood home is a defiant stop to make. You can also Te Papa national museum to be amused in authentic treasures. Have a pleasant trip on a cable car to check out the lush Botanical Gardens. And most importantly, don’t forget to visit the old filming sites of middle-earth, part of award winning ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy.

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It is always beneficial to have a property in Auckland which is New Zealand’s largest city as it provides a remarkably complex mix modernization and luscious greeneries. The urban part of Auckland is embraced by the Hauraki Gulf of the Pacific Ocean on the east and the Waitakere Range on the west. It also has two harbours, the Manukau Harbour on the Tasman Sea and the Waitemata Harbour on the Pacific Ocean, and is also home to the Hunua Ranges. Only few places in the world can have harbours on two noticeably different bodies of water.

Auckland property finance for people living in the UK

Auckland Property Finance For People In Ireland

Auckland is inhabited by one-third of New Zealand’s entire population, having more than 1.2 million people at recent census.

If you live in Ireland, you are an expat or Irish citizen, and you can easily own a property in Auckland. Just contact us and we will help you in financing your hopes of living in Auckland.

Tourist Spots And Activities
Auckland’s tourist spots will allow you to play on the gorgeous black sand beaches, sample Bordeaux at one of the local vineyards, surf the breaking waves of the Pacific, ramble through the rainforest, do trekking up the side of a mighty volcano, or sail your schooner among over 50 islands surrounding New Zealand. It is a great place to invest and enjoy.

Auckland is one of the most liveable cities in the world. The climate is warm and humid and conducive to relaxation and fun in every direction. The water is also safe and clean. It is a wonderland for all of outdoor activities enthusiast.

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New Zealand Property

Advantages Of New Zealand

New Zealand is a place where you can find beautiful scenery, good economic growth, and exceptional educational programs. This country is a great place to live in and having a business, rental, family, holiday, or retirement property is always a smart move. These properties are attractive, profitable investment for every individual with positive tax and exchange rate systems, while newcomers experience low obstacles to entering the country. In major cities, you’ll see that there is a high rate of population growth which is a great opportunity for the increase of property values. Also, the properties in New Zealand are priced lower if compared to Australia, which is its closest neighbour.

Tourist Spots And Activities
Renowned for its sheer and perfect beauty, New Zealand never fail to attract tourists year-round. Tourist spots include snowy mountain peaks perfect for skiing, as well as its sunny lakeside beaches which is great for vacations. Consequently, purchasing an investment property in New Zealand is a smart idea if you want to have a profitable investment in return, while at the same time enjoys these wonderful vacation spots. This is a great place for investment with no property or capital gains taxes, a growing property market, no stamp duty, and no mortgage duties.

In addition, settlers in New Zealand are always happy and secure because of its low crime rate and affordable cost of living. It is a great place for investment, and to raise your own family. Employment opportunities are also available for both newcomers and natives. As a result, it is much easier to pay for a mortgage while living in a thriving community.

Now is the perfect time to invest in a New Zealand property because of its booming economy, and undervalued properties. This is also a great opportunity for new retirees.

Find out more about finance for property in other New Zealand cities.

Getting a NZ Mortgage

The following are the procedures we recommend you follow step by step if you would like to invest in New Zealand. Don’t worry, they are very simple! We recommend that your first step be to contact Mary to discuss your personal situation and investment in New Zealand.

  • Take a good look around our website. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with our company.
  • Contact Mary, who can give you information about market, rental, sales and statistics in all parts of New Zealand. Please be aware that Mary is not a Financial Advisor so she cannot advise you, but can steer you in the right location and refer you to qualified NZ Accountants, Solicitors and other people connected in property.
  • Choose 1 or more locations from our website and then inquire by phone for more information.
  • Obtain a pre-approval from New Zealand Mortgage Solutions Australia. Then we will discuss your options and let you choose from a selection of 13 New Zealand banks/financial institutions.
  • Speak to your accountant and a New Zealand qualified accountant before you purchase. Choose an accountant that can advise you on the tax relationship and advantages of investing in New Zealand. Not sure who to go to? New Zealand Mortgage Solutions can give you a selection of good accountants based on clients’ experience. We also encourage you to obtain independent legal and financial advice before making a purchase or entering into any loan contracts as withholding tax and other taxes may apply to cross-boarder borrowing.
  • Ask the experts! Once you obtain pre-approval, contact real estate agents who are experts in the area that you are interested in.
  • See it for yourself! When you are ready with a selection of properties fly to New Zealand to inspect them in person.
  • Inspect properties as well as familiarize yourself with the general areas that your are interested in.
  • If you find a property that meets your standards, immediately email a real estate agent’s rental assessment to New Zealand Mortgage Solutions Sydney.
  • Within 12 to 24 hours (on average) Mary will obtain a conditional approval from the bank of your per-approval.
  • Talk to a NZ solicitor to obtain advice on Agreement for Sale & Purchase.
  • After 5 days (on average) the Agreement for Sale & Purchase becomes unconditional as long as both you and the solicitor agree to the terms.
  • Settlement usually occurs 4 weeks from date of Agreement for Sale & Purchase
  • Settlement Rental Manager will work to find a tenant for your property.
  • New Zealand Mortgage Solutions Sydney will continue to assist you on a permanent basis by reviewing your fixed term interest rates, helping you strive to invest in future properties, and will always be there to assist you with any other questions or concerns.

Find out more about finance for property in other New Zealand cities.

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