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MaryThrough her personal experience of moving from New Zealand to Australia, and facing the high expenditure of stamp duty and set-up costs, Mary O’Brien (pictured left) decided she could help others avoid such difficulties. With this purpose in mind Mary founded New Zealand Mortgage Solutions Australia.  Since then the company has assisted many international and Australian residents, and also home residents, with their New Zealand investments.

Mary Sets Out To Help The Irish

Mary wants you to achieve your life’s ambition of owning property or investing in a very stable asset ‘Downunder’.

Mary O’Brien is specialising in assisting investors and people emmigrating from Ireland with New Zealand and Australian finance. With thirteen New Zealand and more than thirty-five Australian lenders the Mary is uniquely positioned to help Irish citizens invest in NZ/Australian properties.

A Proven History

With a history of guiding people like yourself through the process Mary O’Brien is taking a lead in this unique investment opportunity.
By attaining pre-approval mortgage documents from one of many leading and reputable NZ/Australian banks she can assist in making the transition that much easier. A move to another country is never easy, especially when selling and buying a home. Before leaving Ireland, or if you live in Ireland (as an investor), she can obtain a bank letterhead document giving pre-approval from a leading and reputable NZ/Australian bank.

A pre-approval letter is useful when seeking a mortgage. It gives you, the buyer, the confidence in knowing just how much you can borrow. The seller is happiest knowing that the pre-approval letter substantially increases your ability in completing a sale. This pre-approval letter is valid for around 90 to 180 days (depending on bank) and offers you the comfort of knowing how you stand should you decide to make the move.

Understanding Of Both Sides Of The World

Getting advice from someone, like Mary O’Brien, who understands both sides of the world will make a great difference in smoothing the legalities of mortgage lending. Having worked with a New Zealand solicitor Mary is well aware of the need to have everying ‘just right and tight’.

Mary, herself is of second generation Irish descent, knows and understands the ups-and-downs, the twists-and-twirls, of establishing ones-self in a new country. That is how Mary’s father, Michael, from Tralee, Co Kerry, found the ‘New Country’. He arrived in Australia in the Fifties to work as a carpenter in the building boom. Married and moved to New Zealand where he headed up a construction company until his retirement some years ago. Through her father, Mary has been imbued with a flair for the construction industry and property investment and has, through her adult life, invested in numerous properties in this part of the world.

Being a frequent visitor to Ireland and maintaining close contact with her relations living there Mary has that special understanding of what it is like to be Irish living abroad. She is delighted to be in a position in being able to assist other Irish people in their antipodean adventure.

And lest you forget, and as Mary will attest, there is always the profitable side to taking out a mortgage. Buying a property in any part of NZ/Australia with the intention of renting or living in it can prove an excellent investment.

Assisting In Providing Mortgage Options

Mary’s goal is to assist in providing mortgage options and create loan solutions for Irish people as well as investors around the world. Her main focus has always been to help people build equity and long-standing assets by property ownership. This website will help you choose the best loan options.

New Zealand Today

Today, with a minimum of fuss and expense, many new residents enjoy cliff-top walks and lounging beside crisp clean lakes and sea shores that only a country like New Zealand can offer.  Since those humble beginnings, New Zealand Mortgage Solutions Sydney has assisted numerous international residents in New Zealand investments. Individuals from all walks of life have been assisted. Many have been able to make their dreams of owning a beautiful home in New Zealand a reality, with little money down. Today they enjoy daily walks atop high cliffs, lounging beside crisp, clean lakes, and basking in the sun.

The type of situations that New Zealand Mortgage Solutions Sydney  have been able to help have been:

  • First time Irish investors or people moving to New Zealand
  • First time investment property buyers, with very small set up fees
  • First home buyers
  • Individuals planning for retirement in a New Zealand location
  • People buying for recreational or lifestyle reasons, or who seek certain geographical sceneries such as cliff tops or lakeside locations
  • Individuals seeking to refinance their existing properties in New Zealand
  • Those who seek to diversify their investments in New Zealand as well as their own countries
  • Investors of commercial properties

MFAA Full MemberNew Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association

This website will help you choose the best loan options.

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