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This means Family Get-Together, Summer, Beaches, Sand, BBQs and Great Family Outdoor Adventures.

New Zealand is a great place to live!!! Not only for lifestyle but for purchasing a property. See updated news.

Firstly Job Opportunities - unemployment dropped in September quarter to 5.4% (previous year 7.3%) and economists forecast further falls.

Property Values - Auckland average property price increased 9.2% annually to $738,083 in Sept 14 (QV report Sept 13 $662,976) and the NZ average property has risen 5.94% in the past 12 months to 30 September 2014 to $474,307. In November the Reserve Bank Governor advised there will be no removal of the LVR (loan to valuation of property) 80% threshold restriction in the near future.

Interest Rates - Banks are now offering extremely great competitive fixed interest rates - contact Mary to obtain rates.

Bank Financial Advisors are predicting there will be no increase in variable interest rate (cash rate) by the Reserve Bank until well into the at least March 2015 (read my newsletter below).

With a very strong economy, no stamp duty, no land tax, just 20% deposit and around NZ$1000 to $1500 legals/registration, contact Mary from New Zealand Mortgage Solutions for a preapproval from a choice of leading New Zealand banks/lenders.

New Zealand continues to be very popular destination for many Irish people. My father came from Tralee Ireland many years ago and I have seen many Irish enjoy the New Zealand lifestyle. I have spent Christmas in Dublin with my cousins and love the Irish Christmas BUT I love the beaches on Boxing Day and Annual Holidays in December/January in the sun and sand!!!

Would love to help the Irish!!!

Read our latest newsletter below New Zealand is a great place to live!!!

New Zealand Finance For Irish Living In Ireland or Emigrating

New Zealand Mortgages

Mary O’Brien sets out to help Irish people achieve a life’s ambition of owning property or investing in a great property asset ‘Downunder’.

Mary O’Brien is uniquely positioned to help the Irish obtain finance.  Accredited with 13 New Zealand and 35 Australian banks/lenders Mary specialises in assisting the Irish with New Zealand and Australian finance.  A move to another country is never easy, especially when selling and buying a home. Before leaving Ireland, or if you live in Ireland (as an investor), Mary can obtain a bank letterhead pre-approval for a NZ or Australian property. It gives you, the buyer, the confidence and comfort in knowing just how much you can borrow and is usually valid for 90 days.

Mary, herself is of second generation Irish descent, knows and understands the ups-and-downs, the twists-and-twirls, of establishing ones-self in a new country. That is how Mary’s father, Michael, from Tralee, Co Kerry, found the ‘New Country’ in the construction industry.  Through her father, Mary has been imbued with a flair for property investment. Being a frequent visitor to Ireland, maintaining close contact with her Irish relations, Mary has that special understanding of what it is like to be Irish living aborad. She is delighted to be in a position in being able to assist other Irish people in their antipodean adventure. To read the latest real estate news in New Zealand, checkout our newsletter.

Home Loan Calculators And Currency Converters For New Zealand

This calculator will help investors analyse various repayment schedules and interest rates, as well as the effect of extra repayments beyond the minimum amount. Click here to learn more about our mortgage calculators and currency converters.

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I Want A New Zealand Mortgages?
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We have compiled a handy checklist of you so you can begin to understand the process involved in getting a New Zealand mortgage.

We the recommend you read the section about NZ home loans and then take a look at our case studies to get an idea of the wide range of people we have helped.

New Zealand Mortgage Can Help You:

  • Before you go to New Zealand.
  • During the procedures when you visit New Zealand.
  • Obtaining valuation from Registered Valuers in New Zealand to enable unconditional approval.
  • Ensure solicitor, bank, valuer and New Zealand Mortgages Solutions all help clients towards settlement.
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